Valentine's Day has come and gone

and you're still hungry for a special someone...

or maybe just something special to eat!

Lonely Hearts dinner specials 4-8 p.m (9 p.m. in cellar tavern)

(Regular menu also available)

Specialty Cocktails
Scarlett O'Hara - Southern Comfort, fresh-squeezed lime juice, cranberry juice   7
Tropical Kiss - Malibu coconut rum, Pineapple juice, Strawberry syrup   7
Orange Creamsicle - Vanilla vodka, Triple Sec, Orange juice, with whipped cream  7
Chocolate Pretzel Martini - Vanilla vodka, Frangelico, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur   8

Appetizers to share:
Shrimp cocktail  8.99

Fried Mushrooms (~ dozen) with horseradish sauce  5.99

Saturday is Prime Rib Night (served with soup or salad)
Slow-cooked Prime Rib served au jus with rice/potato choice and vegetable   24.99
Pair it with a stuffed filet of sole (crab & scallop stuffing) for +5.99
Sub your starch choice with Lobster Mac & Cheese for +8.99

Dinner Specials
 (each served with soup or salad):

Lobster ravioli with shrimp scampi
over spinach fettuccine. Single for 19.99 or partner up on two specials and enjoy one of these for 18.00

Baked Lobster Mac & Cheese
and vegetable.  Single 16.99 or partner up on two specials and enjoy one of these for 15.00

Steak tenderloin tips & Lobster Mac & Cheese combo
and vegetable for 25.99 or partner up on two specials and enjoy one of these for 24.50

Desserts for 2 to share
6-tier Dark Chocolate Tower Cake
Chocolate & other assorted Petit Four Sampler Plate

After dinner, enjoy:
Chocolate Cherry Shot -
Godiva chocolate liqueur & cherry juice   5
Vanilla White Russian -
Three Olives vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur, milk   7

In a snifter or coffee: Amaretto, Sambuca, Grand Marnier, Frangelico, Baileys  8

Historic Restaurant and Tavern - Established 1802

Bull's Head Inn